CFO Approved Unlimited EDI Plans
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CFO Approved Unlimited EDI Plans



After conducting a survey with 100 CFO’s and Owners about what they hated most about their EDI costs, we found out the following:

  1. 74 % of them did not like the fact that their bills seemed to fluctuate and they could not plan their budget correctly
  2. 84% would not mind pay a little extra amount to ensure that their EDI costs are capped at a certain level and it can never go beyond that.


We listened to our customers and have launched our CFO Approved Unlimited EDI Plan. This plan is simple:


You pay an additional $50 per trading partner and your bills will be capped.

  • If your cap is 250 documents  then the unlimited option would work like this:
  • If you do 100 documents you pay for only 100 and
  • If you do 250 documents you pay for only 250 but
  • If you do 500 documents then you pay for the capped level only – i.e 250 documents

So EDI costs can never go out of control and Mr. CFO gets what he wants – Unlimited EDI.
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