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Global Citizenship


Sustainability at Banyan Commerce

Banyan Commerce in its short history has sought to create an impact on global society through its Corporate Sustainability efforts. At Banyan Commerce, being Socially Responsible means much more than investing in communities, and encouraging employee volunteerism including:

  • Conducting business in a socially responsible and ethical manner
  • Protecting the environment
  • Providing economic and other benefits to the communities where we operate
  • Ensuring a safe, healthy workplace; and
  • Supporting universal human rights

To help meet these commitments, Banyan Commerce has partnered with:







In keeping with our commitment to corporate social responsibility, Banyan Commerce has been a key partner, contributing to UNICEF's work through strategic social investments, cause-related marketing promotions, and national-level fundraising and promotional activities by Banyan Commerce employees around the world.

In response to the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, Banyan Commerce donated 1% of 2010 client revenues to UNICEF's Haiti emergency fund for every new client that signed up with Banyan.




Banyan Green is the world's first EDI and eCommerce solution to be 100% Green. The Banyan Green option is available in varying hues and most Banyan products can be had in Banyan Green - Banyan Express, Banyan Commerce Gateway and Banyan Grid. 7 year data storage is standard and there is no need for companies to keep backup paper documents for audit purposes. Also Banyan will not send paper invoices and all transactions would be electronic. 5% of the revenues donated to a green cause - will be paid to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) or you can exchange it for Carbon Credits from Zerofootprint.

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