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Self Pace e-Learning Courses and Online Instructor Facilitated Courses

Banyan U offers online courses and self-paced / self-study training and education in key RFID topics. We are in the process of continuously adding more courses, so please check back frequently. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned RFID Pro, Banyan U self-paced training is a convenient, effective, and affordable way to learn RFID technology. Our online training center gives you access to many libraries full of engaging, interactive course content, assessment features, and additional resources to maximize your learning.


e-Learning Courses

Banyan U e-Learning courses are designed to provide maximum learning in minimal time. These courses offer a visually engaging, guided learning experience with highly interactive features, including learning style, assessments, rich simulations, labs for practice.

 e-Learning eliminates time and location boundaries, making it an excellent way for your team to learn to deploy and use this exciting technology. Employees can study when and where it's convenient.


CompTIA RFID+ Certification Package


Course NumberCourse TitlePrice
RFID600 Package including:
-9 Modules course mapping to 9 certification  objectives.
-Practice Test CD/Software
-One Vue Testing Voucher
-RFID+ Passport Book Authored by RFID4U

Buy each module separately


Course NumberCourse TitlePrice
RFID601 CompTIA RFID+: Interrogation Zone Basics $199
RFID602 CompTIA RFID+: Testing and Troubleshooting $199
RFID603 CompTIA RFID+: Standards and Regulations $199
RFID604 CompTIA RFID+: Tag Knowledge $199
RFID605 CompTIA RFID+: Design Selection $199
RFID606 CompTIA RFID+: Installation $199
RFID607 CompTIA RFID+: Site Analysis (i.e. before, during and after installation) $199
RFID608 CompTIA RFID+: RF Physics $199
RFID609 CompTIA RFID+: RFID Peripherals $199
RFID610 CompTIA RFID+: RFIDQ - Practice Tests $125

RFID Industry Courses


Course NumberCourse TitlePrice
RFID700 RFID Basics FREE on Registration
RFID701 RFID Solutions Building for Sales/Pre-Sales Engineers $199
RFID702 RFID and DoD/UID Compliance FREE on Registration
RFID703 RFID in Pharma $199
RFID704 Asset Tracking Using RFID $199
RFID705 RFID in Apparel $199

Zebra RFID Products e-Learning Course

Course NumberCourse TitlePrice
RFID800 Package including:
-Zebra Product Offering
-Installation and Setup
-Printer Troubleshooting
-Printer Programming

Online Instructor Facilitated Courses
Banyan U Online Courses are instructor-facilitated, internet-delivered versions of traditional instructor led courses. Online Courses offer employees with busy professional and personal lives to access quality classes within a convenient manner. Thanks to today's technology, you can attend these courses and seminars without ever having to leave your home or office. There is no need to make travel plans or lose valuable time out of your busy schedule.

There are 14 titles available that are delivered in different sessions over the course of the year.

After you register for the online course, we would send you an email with 2 choices of next available course dates and times. We would attempt to schedule you with the course running during your normal business day.


Click on a training course below for a detailed description and pricing information.

RFID 101 - RFID Technology Basics $249
RFID 211 - Globalizing RFID - Electronic Product Code & EPCglobal Network $249
RFID 212 - UHF Regulations Overview $249
RFID 221 - RFID Middleware Requirements $249
RFID 225 - Managing RFID Data $249
RFID 231 - RFID Infrastructure Planning $249
RFID 233 – RFID and Business Process Integration Issues $249
RFID 235 - Business Value of RFID $249
RFID 245 - RFID Vendor Selection $249
RFID 271 - RFID System Performance $249
RFID 281 - RFID Applications $249
RFID 282 - RFID Applications for Libraries