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Banyan's Reliable Support

Banyan’s Support Philosophy is based on 4 principles.


Banyan University is the means by which Banyan Commerce ensures that their customers have the best experience with their Banyan products and solutions.


Mentoring & Guidance
The Banyan support group has extensive experience with EDI and also various other business applications used within industry today. Support conversations are usually more complicated than “where is my data” and for the data question we usually never get those questions – see principle below.


Self Help
Some wise man once said Self Help is the best help anybody can get. Banyan Commerce believes in this strongly and provides web based tools like an online account login to ensure that customers know all the details about their account without calling support. Also transaction monitoring and supply chain visibility is a standard feature of all Banyan products.


The Banyan knowledge base is available to existing customers and partners. FAQ’s on various subjects and also best practices as well as knowledge gained from customer implementations are available- Why reinvent the wheel?