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Banyan Commerce' s Partner Ecosystem

Are you a global technology provider of B2B EDI services, a brand-name systems integrator or a top-tier technology reseller? We will like to hear from you, and welcome you to our growing network of profitable partnership program.

The Banyan Commerce partner program offers Internet technology and services companies the opportunity to leverage Banyan Commerce's on-demand infrastructure and content and application delivery solutions to extend and control B2B EDI Services.

Banyan Commerce has three types of partner-Channel Partners, Technology Partners, and Trading Partners-to leverage the efforts of B2B EDI industry participants for the benefit of all.


Channel Partner Program

For Solution Providers, VARs, Integrators who resell and provide support for Banyan Commerce services to end users as part of a solution. Banyan Commerce Solutions Channel Partners are typically accounting or ERP software sales and support organizations with successful track records nationally, regionally or within specific vertical industries.


Technology Partner Program

Application Partners are suppliers of computer applications that are used in conjunction with Banyan Commerce B2B EDI to manage business processes that are critical to electronic trade. Since Banyan Commerce has seamless links to accounting, ERP and other business systems, maintaining a close working relationship with the companies that produce them is essential to keeping the highest quality of interaction.


Trading Partners

Banyan Commerce Solutions has amassed an industry-leading roster of Trading Partners with whom we have implemented electronic commerce for our Banyan Commerce EDI and Banyan Commerce GDS customers. Knowing the Trading Partner organizations, their specifications, and the real people responsible for tending their side of transactions is indispensable to successful trade compliance. Banyan Commerce actively cultivates a strong working relationship with EDI support staff at every Trading Partner.

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