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Embedded Solution Partnerships


Banyan Commerce Embedded Solution Program

Banyan Commerce delivers a unique Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) model where it offers its services as a private label, re-branded offering within many other supply chain solutions.


Banyan Commerce Embedded Solutions Program Benefits
  • Carriers, 3PL & Freight companies may elect to re-brand Banyan Commerce to help them sell to and service customers with large, complex, global supply chain issues.
  • Sourcing companies may use Banyan Commerce as a private label and embed it within applications they offer to factories around the world.
  • Software companies offering warehouse management, transportation management, ERP, or other supply chain software solutions may elect to package and sell Banyan Commerce's instant network of trading partners as their B2B Integration solution, simply through private label integration.
  • The Banyan Commerce SaaS model makes integration and re-branding much easier than software-based approaches, provides for superior levels of customization, all at a far lower cost to support and maintain.


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