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Referral Partnerships


Referral Partner Program

As an alternative to being a Reseller, BANYAN COMMERCE offers solution providers, accounting and consulting firms an opportunity to earn monthly recurring commissions for referring customers to BANYAN COMMERCE for direct sales of Banyan Commerce Branded products and related services.


Upon receipt of the referral, BANYAN COMMERCE Provides:
  • 100% of the sales process and product demonstrations, including RFP responses and proposals.
  • Monthly commissions to referring partners for a period of up to one year, based on monthly recurring revenues paid to Banyan Commerce by the end user.


Banyan Commerce Referral Program Benefits:
  • Casuals Referrals earn Monthly Recurring Commissions on monthly services revenue for a period of 12 months
  • Platinum referrals earn Monthly Recurring Commissions on monthly services revenue for a period of 120 months
  • Sales assistance direct from Banyan Commerce, including:
  • - Service Feature demonstrations, Benefit analysis, RFP and quote generation.
  • - Closing is handled by Banyan Commerce
  • Little or no, out-of-pocket cost on the part of referral partner.
  • All post sales support requirements and associated costs are managed by Banyan Commerce.
  • Participation in monthly commission program and accelerated performance commission bonus program.
  • Access to Complimentary marketing and sales collateral.
  • Access to Banyan Commerce Partner Web
  • Automated referral registration
  • Additional Bonus commission is paid after Closing of $5 K of Monthly recurring revenue on referred opportunities


Referral Partner Requirements:
  • Signed Referral Partner Agreement and Completed Partner Profile
  • Provide customer introductions and the following qualified lead information: company, contact name, phone number via designated Banyan Commerce tool
  • Must be a bona fide business with a Tax ID


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