Green Commerce September 24, 2007
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Green E-Commerce September 24, 2007


World's first green ecommerce and EDI company just got greener


Toronto, September 24, 2007 - Banyan Commerce, the world's first green EDI and eCommerce company just got greener, thanks to its partnership with Zerofootprint, an innovative environmental not-for-profit. Banyan Commerce customers will now have an opportunity to receive carbon credits that partially offset the environmental impact of their business activities. These credits will be supplied at no additional cost to customers, but will be worth 5% of their spending on EDI/eCommerce with Banyan Commerce. The ISO-certified reforestation credits, offered through Zerofootprint, balance out carbon dioxide emissions and help fight climate change, as well as deforestation. The program will be available to customers in addition to the other green options already provided by the company.


About Banyan Green -  Ecommerce and EDI are meant to be electronic by definition but most ecommerce and EDI providers store data only for a few days or weeks. This leads to most customers having to print the data to archive it for audit purposes. (CRA in Canada and IRS in USA require upto 7 years of transaction data to be maintained). Banyan Commerce as part of their Banyan Green product offering maintains the data for 7 years and customers don't have to print paper anymore.


Paperless Invoicing -  Customers of Banyan Commerce and Tangentia Consulting (an associate company) have also been given the option to move to paperless invoicing with the added incentive of receiving $25 in carbon credits for making the switch. Some of the Companies that have made the switch include SonyBMG Canada, Triumph International, Brick Brewing Company and many others.


About Banyan Commerce - Banyan Commerce is a company formed by Tangentia Consulting and Integral Group to promote innovative B2B solutions to the Global Trading Community. Banyan Commerce can provide a wide spectrum of services-From web based ASP solutions to completely outsourced EDI solutions with a global delivery model. The Banyan Commerce corporate website is


About Zerofootprint - Zerofootprint brings together the power of social networks on the web--the best environmental science, risk management and software engineering--to create an environment for change that focuses on an individual's impact as part of the human collective effort. Visit to calculate your personal footprint. For more information, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Media Contacts:

Vijay Thomas, Partner, Banyan Commerce and Tangentia Consulting, (416)238-7515


Deborah Kaplan, Executive Director, Zerofootprint, (416) 365-7557