Green EDI Product 15th March,2007
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Green EDI Product 15th March,2007


World’s first 100% Green EDI Product Launched – 15th March,2007


Banyan Commerce is a new B2B (Business to Business) commerce company created by Integral Group and Tangentia Consulting- Toronto area based Firms with existing B2B commerce business.

Toronto, ON, March 15, 2007—Banyan Commerce is the first eCommerce provider in the world to offer a 100% green EDI solution. Banyan Commerce is also the only eCommerce provider in Canada and the world that has a solution for EDI/eCommerce that is entirely paperless and environmentally friendly.


Why go green?

1) PROFITABLE- Green eCommerce and EDI translates into Green Currency for companies because it is clean and integrated – there is no manual intervention saving many manual paper based processes*. Isn’t that a fresh new way to do good and not hurt the wallet.
2) ECOLOGICAL- Green eCommerce and EDI is an easy way for companies to do their part to help fight climate change and create a healthier environment for future generations. Paper is one of the largest consumable in the B2B commerce and EDI process. An average company prints at least 10 pages of paper documents per Purchase Order/ Invoice transaction. Paper is also used by companies to create backups of eCommerce/ EDI documents for audit purposes as prescribed by accounting regulations imposed by Canadian Revenue Agency(CRA) in Canada as  well as IRS(Internal Revenue Service) in USA. Most Conventional EDI Providers store the data for only a period of 7 days to 1month. In most companies these add up to thousands and millions of pages of documents and obviously lots of trees cut down. With Green EDI from Banyan Commerce we save all those trees.


How does 100% Green eCommerce and EDI work?

When you switch to Banyan Commerce Green EDI service,

  1. 7 year data storage is standard and there is no need for companies to keep backup paper documents for audit purposes.
  2. Banyan will not send Paper Invoices and all transactions would be electronic.
  3. 5% of the revenues from the Green EDI service will be paid to an Environmental Organization of your choice. Organizations that Banyan Commerce supports as part of this program include WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and Greenpeace.
  4. Fully integrated with all your existing systems and there is no printing of documents required or double entry of data*
  5. The Green EDI service comes standard with ability to support unlimited users in unlimited locations. Collaboration between sales people, warehouse
  6.  peopleand accounting people was never easier with no need to resort to “print and view” or “print and fax” techniques.


For additional information on Banyan, visit or contact the following individual:

Vijay Thomas - Partner
Banyan Commerce Corp.
211 Consumers Road,
Toronto, ON, M2J4G8
Tel- 416-238-7515 ext 111