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EDI Solutions for Automotive Industry



The development of the automobile came from many different people from different countries. The development started in 1769 in France, with the invention of a three-wheeler that was powered by steam (Gale, 2003). Then in 1800’s, the first internal combustion engine was created in Belgian and the first gasoline powered vehicle was constructed in 1885 in Germany (Gale, 2003). Henry Ford built the first car in 1896 (Gale, 2003). He then revolutionized the industry with the invention of the assembly line. The assembly line allowed him to mass produce the cars making them more affordable to the consumers.

The automobile industry has a huge impact on the U.S. economy. The University of Michigan and the Center for Automotive Research stated that this industry is the major user of computer chips, textiles, aluminum, copper, steel, iron, lead, plastics, vinyl, and rubber. (Gale, 2004) The study also showed that for every autoworker there are seven other jobs created in other industries (Gale, 2004). These industries include anything from the aluminums to lead to vinyl.


Banyan Commerce offers solutions that can handle all of the different variations seamlessly and implement technologies and documents that are specific to the automotive industry.


Type of Transaction ANSI X12 UN/EDIFACT
Invoice 810 INVOIC
Application advice/banking status 824 BANSTA
Planning/Deliveryschedule 830 DELFOR
Purchase order 850 ORDERS
Ship notice/manifest 856 DESADV
Ship notice/manifest 856 PRODEX
Purchase order change request 860 ORDCHG
Receiving advice/acceptance certificate 861 RECADV


Some of the trading partners in the automotive industry that Banyan Customers connect to include

  1. DaimlerChrysler
  2. Delphi
  3. Ford Motor Company
  4. Freightliner
  5. General Motors
  6. Harley Davidson
  7. Johnson Controls
  8. Magna International
  9. Michelin Tyres
  10. Nissan Motors
  11. Honda
  12. Volvo


If you don't see your trading partner here, look for them in our complete trading partner list
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