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EDI Solutions for Retail Industry



Retail comes from the French word retaillier which refers to "cutting off, clip and divide" in terms of tailoring (1365). It first was recorded as a noun with the meaning of a "sale in small quantities" in 1433 (French). Its literal meaning for retail was to "cut off, shred, paring". Like the French, the word retail in both Dutch and German (detailhandel and Einzelhandel respectively) also refer to sale of small quantities or items.
Retail is the second-largest industry in the United States both in number of establishments and number of employees. The U.S. retail industry generates $3.8 trillion in retail sales annually ($4.2 trillion if food service sales are included), approximately $11,993 per capita. The retail sector is also one of the largest worldwide. Wal-Mart is the world's largest retailer. Wal-Mart employs 1.3 million associates in the United States and more than 400,000 internationally. The second largest retailer in the world is France's Carrefour.
 Some of the retail transactions that Banyan Customer transacts with their retail trading partners include


Type of Transaction ANSI X12 Standard UN/EDIFACT Standard
Invoice 810 INVOIC
Organizational relationships 816 N/A
Payment order/remittance advice 820 PAYORD
Payment order/remittance advice 820 REMADV
Application advice 824 BANSTA
Planning schedule with release capability/ delivery schedule 830 DELFOR
Price/sales catalog 832 PRICAT
Inventory inquiry/advice 846 INVINQ
Purchase order 850 ORDERS
Product activity data 852 INVRPT
Purchase order acknowledgment 855 ORDRSP
Purchase order change acknowledgment/request 865 ORDRSP
Text message 864 N/A
Ship notice/manifest 856 DESADV despatch advice
Ship notice/manifest 856 PRODEX product exchange reconciliation
Purchase order change request 860 ORDCHG


Some of the Retail Trading Partners Banyan Customers transact with include

  1. ACE Hardware
  3. Best Buy/ Best Buy Canada / Futureshop
  4. Circuit City
  5. Federated Department Stores
  6. Lowes
  7. Home Depot
  8. Hudson's Bay Co/ Zellers / Home Outfitters
  9. JCPenney
  10. Kmart
  11. HMV
  12. Staples/ Business Depot
  13. Sears / Sears Canada
  14. Target
  15. Toys"R"Us
  16. Walgreens


If you don't see your trading partner here, look for them in our complete trading partner list
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