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EDI Integration with ERP/ Accounting / WMS systems

Today EDI applications are not limited to only large enterprises. Small and mid-sized organizations have started using EDI as a way of making transactions with trading partners cost effective and faster. However, for the small and mid-sized organization, maintaining an EDI relationship with trading process can be overwhelming and complex. Integrating EDI with ERP system improves efficiency resulting in lower costs. Some of the benefits arising from integration are:

  • More resources: With data entered only once, it provides an organization valuable resources to be deployed somewhere else.
  • Saves Time: Since data will be entered only once, it will save huge time and make whole process faster. It also allows for better compliance with customers and partners time schedule.
  • Higher Accuracy: Once data is keyed in correctly, there are less chances of error resulting in fewer penalties.
  • Higher productivity: with EDI integrate into your ERP, it allows for easier addition of trading partners to the ERP system.


Banyan Commerce EDI solutions provide easy and cost effective integration with all the major accounting systems used by manufacturing and distribution based businesses. We provide last mile seamless integration of EDI with accounting system improves efficiency resulting in lower costs. We at Banyan Commerce help organizations successfully integrate their EDI data into their existing ERP systems by providing EDI platform that helps to accelerate the integration process. We have the experience to custom integrate to various Accounting systems like SAGE Accpac, SAGE Business Vision, SAP B1, SAP R/3, SYSPRO, NetSuite,BAAN, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics NAV(Navision), AX( Axapta),GP( Great Plains), Acomba, JD Edwards etc seamlessly.

Once EDI is integrated in your accounting system, any change in EDI specifications by one of the trading partners will no longer mean a change in your accounting system. Our EDI solutions automatically validate product descriptions, shipping data and internal pricing rules - creating cross-references where necessary - to maintain the integrity of suppliers' accounting systems and databases.


Banyan Advantage

Banyan Commerce provides EDI integration to all the major accounting packages. Even if the accounting system you are using is not listed, we can be easily and quickly implement the integration. Some of the key benefits for Banyan Commerce's Solutions are:

  • Compliance for Life
  • Insulation of ERP from changes in the environment
  • 48 hour turnaround for integration to most ERP systems*
  • *Call 1-877-EDI-CANADA to know more

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