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Banyan's Innovative Products

Banyan Commerce offers a full range of scalable e-commerce and EDI solutions to meet the needs of businesses both large and small.

Value based Solutions focused on the SMB (Small and Medium Business) segment are part of the Banyan Express Solution Suite and the next level solution is Banyan Commerce Gateway with 3 flavours – Standard , Advanced and Enterprise. At the Enterprise Level, the Banyan Commerce Gateway product can be used by most Fortune 1000 companies as it includes 100% Business Process Outsourcing and industry leading SLA’s (Service Level Agreements).

Banyan Green is the world's first ever EDI solution that is 100% green! A totally paperless solution which will help fight Global warming in the long run.

Banyan Desktop  is entirely a stand-alone solution and is appropriate for companies with some IT and EDI expertise in-house.

Banyan Hub is a solution suite entirely dedicated to retailers and other manufacturers wanting to create their own private trading networks.

Banyan Grid is Banyan Commerce’s flagship VAN and AS1/AS2/AS3 connectivity solution. Banyan Grid can be used either on its own as an alternative to the conventional VAN or can be used by customers to build their own innovative EDI solutions.