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Banyan Anything™ Framework


ECNS (Enterprise Central Nervous System)

Most Enterprises have applications built for specific purposes like Accounting, Planning, Warehouse Management, Human Resource Management etc. These applications have over period of time served their purpose really well but in the new interconnected world of commerce with ever changing technological challenges and compliance issues there is a need for a controlling Central Nervous System in most enterprises.

What is an Enterprise Central Nervous System?
An Enterprise Central Nervous System (ECNS) is similar to the Central Nervous System in human beings. The ECNS provides the information highway to connect disparate different systems in an enterprise. ECNS are usually platform independent and hence can connect legacy systems on AS400 to Mainframe applications or Mobile devices to a DB2 database on Linux. This ability to connect multiple systems provides the ECNS with a central role in enterprise architecture.



As seen in the figure above, an ECNS could work with disparate applications and there could be newer applications connected to it everyday. Within the ECNS there are libraries of business processes that it can manage and all of it could be customised to meet specific customer requirements.


ECNS and benefits of a Service Oriented Integrated Language Environment

Look closely at ECNS, and some of the advantages of moving to a SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) seem familiar.


Language independence
Applying the right-tool-for-the-right job principle is taken to new heights. Writing a Web Service means leveraging whatever IT skills are relevant. J2EE applications can communicate seamlessly with .NET applications.


Using modern programming techniques such as modularization will lay a foundation inside your IT organization for the adoption of ECNS.


Again, having adopted an ILE approach to modularization, reuse of code with the introduction of Web Services becomes an inherent part of your IT organization.


Improved maintainability
With the ability to leverage multiple tools, multiple programming skills and even the IT organizations of your business partners, suppliers and customers, maintenance will be a much diminished task with an SOA environment.


Pre Built Functions provided by the Banyan Application™ Stack available as an option on Banyan Anything™


True Anything to Anything connectivity

  • Mobile Device Compatible
  • RFID and BarCode Printer Compatible
  • Multiple Operating system compatible - AS400, Linux, Unix, Windows


Business Intelligence/ Analytics

  • Dashboarding Capabilities
  • Shrink Wrapped Reporting
  • Custom reporting capabilities
  • Analytics capabilities


Enterprise Application Integration/ BPM

  • BPM software compatible - Savvion, IBM, Pega etc.
  • MQ Series and WebServices support


B2B Integration

  • EDI Compatible - ANSI X12 & EDIFACT
  • Rosetta Net Compatible
  • XML, eBXML compatible
  • E2Open, Covisint connectivity


SAAS (Software as a service) Option

  • Low Capital Costs
  • Reduced Obsolesence Risk
  • XML, eBXML compatible
  • 99.99 % Guaranteed uptime


Advantage Banyan
  • Canadian Dollar Pricing and approved Canadian EDI Provider with Canada based support.
  • Guaranteed Savings as compared to competition
  • Lifetime EDI Compliance- we will never charge any additional setup fees or mapping fees for changes in specifications anytime in the future.
  • Integrated as well as Express Solutions- solutions that evolve to meet your specific company size as well as EDI volumes.
  • One stop shop for all your EDI,ASN, Bar-Coding, UCC-128 Label Printing and RFID Requirements
  • Integration into ERP/ Accounting Systems like Business Vision(BV), SAP, JD Edwards, ACCPAC, Simply Accounting, Quickbooks, Navision, Acomba, Great Plains, AS400 based systems and many more.
  • Best Choice for EDI vendors worldwide.

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