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Banyan RFID Express


Banyan RFID Express is Banyan Commerce’s starter solution for RFID compliance for Wal-Mart, Target, DOD (Department of Defense)and other retailer vendors.



Put RFID expertise at your fingertips and you only pay $5000 for it all! 


The solution is based on the world class Banyan SAAS (Software as a Service) platform that is in use at hundreds of customers worldwide. Banyan RFID Express has all the components of a full blown RFID compliance solution.


Main Components:
  1. Hosted Banyan Express EDI Software to receive Purchase Orders and send ASN’s (Advanced Shipment Notices).
  2. Integrated Banyan Shipment Editor Software to create the shipment (pallets and cartons) and print the labels.
  3. Rugged Industrial RFID Printer
  4. Desktop Reader/ Writer to verify the tags before being shipped


The solution is intrinsically simple as it is similar to the Banyan Express EDI solution already in production at multiple customer sites worldwide. Banyan RFID Express is the best solution for companies looking to become RFID compliant to meet their Customer’s RFID requirements quickly and easily. The solution is easy to use and does not require any new skilled people and the regular shipping and warehousing departments will be able to incorporate it into their process.


Upgrade Path:

The solution can be upgraded to the Banyan Gateway Standard(RFID Edition) or Banyan Gateway Advanced (RFID Edition) as the supplier starts doing higher volumes of RFID tags and shipments.

  • Banyan Gateway Standard (RFID Edition) provides multi-user and multi-location support and provides support for printing RFID price tickets and item level RFID tag printing support.
  • Banyan Gateway Advanced (RFID Edition) provides additional integration to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Accounting as well as Warehouse Management system(WMS) via the Banyan Bridge Product. Some of the supported applications include SAP,Oracle Apps, Business Vision, Quickbooks, ACCPAC, Microsoft Dynamics, legacy AS400 and UNIX application and many more.

To learn more contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Read press release here.


Advantage Banyan
  • Canadian Dollar Pricing and approved Canadian EDI Provider with Canada based support.
  • Guaranteed Savings as compared to competition
  • Lifetime EDI Compliance- we will never charge any additional setup fees or mapping fees for changes in specifications anytime in the future.
  • Integrated as well as Express Solutions- solutions that evolve to meet your specific company size as well as EDI volumes.
  • One stop shop for all your EDI,ASN, Bar-Coding, UCC-128 Label Printing and RFID Requirements
  • Integration into ERP/ Accounting Systems like Business Vision(BV), SAP, JD Edwards, ACCPAC, Simply Accounting, Quickbooks, Navision, Acomba ,Great Plains,AS400 based systems and many more.
  • Best Choice for EDI vendors worldwide.

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