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Banyan RosettaNet/ebXML


Banyan Commerce continues to build on its reputation as a one stop shop for all B2B compliance for companies big and small. Banyan Commerce as part of its B2B compliance focus, has a Banyan Rosetta Net and Banyan ebXML solution offering.

With Banyan RosettaNet, which is presently in production at a couple of large companies worldwide, companies can be compliant with PIP compliance from their trading partners in a matter of days. The fully hosted SAAS model for RosettaNet also comes standard with all the integration benefits from the Banyan Bridge solution set and can integrate with SAP, Oracle, Manhattan Associates and most other Enterprise Applications.

Banyan Commerce provides custom Bridges to various other Enterprise application as well as home grown legacy applications on various platforms like AS400, UNIX and LINUX besides Windows based systems.


The key benefits are:


  • Reductions in cycle time
  • Reduction in inventory costs
  • Improves productivity through automation
  • Standardizes and simplifies business processes
  • Measurable supply chain return on investment


Banyan's Offering:


We provide services for implementing RosettaNet by:

  • Identifying the business applications required for process automation.
  • Helping select a B2B Solution or a gateway application.
  • If customer selects a B2B solution, we help implement and configure through our Mapping Factory.
  • If customer selects gateway application, we provide SAAS services through Tangentia Commerce Gateway
  • Determining and selecting the PIPs to exchange with your partners.
  • Integrating the B2B Solutions and PIPs with your partners.


RosettaNet PIP documents:


A list of RosettaNet PIP documents can be found below:

3A1     Request Quote

3A2     Request Price and Availability

3A3     Request Shopping Cart Transfer

3A4     Request Purchase Order

3A5     Query Order Status

3A6     Distribute Order Status

3A7     Notify of Purchase Order Update

3A8     Request Purchase Order Change

3A9     Request Purchase Order Cancellation

3A10   Notify of Quote Acknowledgement

3A13   Notify of Purchase Order Information

3A14   Distribute Planned Order

3B1    Distribute Transportation Projection

3B2    Notify of Advance Shipment

3B3    Distribute Shipment Status

3B4    Query Shipment Status

3B5    Request Shipment Change

3B6    Notify of Shipments Tendered

3B11  Notify of Shipping Order

3B12  Request Shipping Order

3B13  Notify of Shipping Order Confirmation

3B14  Request Shipping Order Cancellation

3B18  Notify of Shipment Documentation

3C1   Return Product

3C2   Request Financing Approval

3C3   Notify of Invoice

3C4   Notify of Invoice Reject

3C5   Notify of Billing Statement

3C6   Notify of Remittance Advice

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