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Desktop EDI


There are 2 flavours of Desktop EDI or EDI Translators which are similar conceptually but companies call them server and PC based solutions based on the platforms on which they run and the actual physical hardware that is involved. Server and PC based solutions have differences in pricing and capabilities and their pricing can run from couple of thousand dollars to almost a million dollars for mainframe based applications.

Banyan Desktop is a replacement solution for companies having legacy EDI Translators or companies wanting a Seamless and Cost Effective inhouse EDI solution.

Most companies with inhouse EDI have 4 components to their EDI Infrastructure

  • EDI Translator
  • Communication Component – AS2,FTP, VAN
  • ASN Application
  • Bridging Application

Banyan Desktop can replace 3 of these components – ASN Application, Bridging Application and EDI Translator and can communicate with existing VAN, FTP or AS2 infrastructure or can replace just the ASN application and Bridging Application. If the customer wants a single window interface a Banyan Dekstop and Banyan Grid combination would be all that is required.


So the 3 scenarios would be

Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3
1) Banyan Desktop 1) Banyan Desktop 1) Banyan Desktop
2) Existing VAN, FTP or AS2 infrastructure 2) Existing EDI Translator 2) Banyan Grid
  3) Existing VAN, FTP or AS2 infrastructure  


Banyan Desktop is positioned at Small and Medium Businesses – for larger Fortune 1000 companies or hubs the Banyan Hub would be the appropriate solution.


Advantage Banyan
  • Canadian Dollar Pricing and approved Canadian EDI Provider with Canada based support.
  • Guaranteed Savings as compared to competition
  • Lifetime EDI Compliance- we will never charge any additional setup fees or mapping fees for changes in specifications anytime in the future.
  • Integrated as well as Express Solutions- solutions that evolve to meet your specific company size as well as EDI volumes.
  • One stop shop for all your EDI,ASN, Bar-Coding, UCC-128 Label Printing and RFID Requirements
  • Integration into ERP/ Accounting Systems like Business Vision(BV), SAP, JD Edwards, ACCPAC, Simply Accounting, Quickbooks, Navision, Acomba ,Great Plains,AS400 based systems and many more.
  • Best Choice for EDI vendors worldwide.


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