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EDI Outsourcing


What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the contracting out of a company's non-core, non-revenue-producing activities to specialists. It differs from contracting in that outsourcing is a strategic management tool that involves the restructuring of an organization around what it does best - its core competencies.

Two common types of outsourcing are Information Technology (IT) outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Banyan Commerce along with its stakeholder companies Tangentia Consulting and Integral Group provides a single source outsourcing for EDI.


Why Outsource EDI?

The rules of business are changing and so are the questions businesses are asking. It isn't enough for a business to merely consider how to improve what it’s doing. Rather the question is more fundamental; a business first needs to determine exactly what it should be doing in the first place.

From the computer room floor to the CEO's office, business executives are attempting to answer this question by identifying their core capabilities and strategic applications. And more often than not, they're finding that such specialized tasks as EDI don't make the list.

If your organization is asking these same questions, Banyan Commerce has some answers. We offer a wide range of information management solutions for EDI and eCommerce. These solutions are designed to allow you to alleviate these functions so you can focus on strategic areas of your business.


Benefits of Outsourcing EDI with Banyan Commerce: 
  • greater efficiency and economies of scale achieved with outside service providers 
  • greater focus on core business products and growth
  • cost and time savings
  • less overhead investment or debt
  • eases regulatory compliance burden


According to the results of a survey commissioned by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, 100 percent of Canadian executives surveyed agree that Business Process Outsourcing allows their companies to focus on core competencies. So, as you look to outsourcing for solutions to relieve you of some of your burdens and let you return to those things that really matter to your business, Banyan Commerce is here to help.


Advantage Banyan

Canadian Dollar Pricing and approved Canadian EDI Provider with Canada based support.
Guaranteed Savings as compared to competition
Lifetime EDI Compliance- we will never charge any additional setup fees or mapping fees for changes in specifications anytime in the future.
Integrated as well as Express Solutions- solutions that evolve to meet your specific company size as well as EDI volumes.
One stop shop for all your EDI,ASN, Bar-Coding, UCC-128 Label Printing and RFID Requirements
Integration into ERP/ Accounting Systems like Business Vision(BV), SAP, JD Edwards, ACCPAC, Simply Accounting, Quickbooks, Navision, Acomba ,Great Plains,AS400 based systems and many more.
Best Choice for EDI vendors worldwide.

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