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Sears Initium EDI Connectivity

Recently, Sears has made some changes and this is great news. A technology team focused on "RETAIL INNOVATION FOR THE DIGITAL AGE" is helping passionately reinvent Canada's most beloved retailer. Canadians want to see their cornerstone brands thrive in the digital age and the Initium team is looking to help do just that. Let Tangentia help you get acquainted with Initium EDI.
If you are already doing business with Sears then you likely have received this email. It says that Sears has invested in a new technology lab to update its existing systems. In the short run it may have no immediate effect. Although you should prepare for change. Sears says that the changes will be seamless and here at Tangentia we are working closely with Sears to ensure that happens. As a pre-approved EDI solution provider to Sears Canada for more then a decade, we can help you stay compliant.


Initium EDI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The following are some frequently asked questions regarding the Initium EDI requirements of how to support the new Initium EDI system.
Q: Should we utilize multiple vendor numbers?
If you have multiple facilities and have arrangements to only ship to certain Sears warehouses for each of those facilities, you will need multiple vendor numbers. If you only have one facility, or if your multiple facilities ship to all warehouses, Sears can consolidate you under one vendor number.
Q: If we adjust a ship date through EDI, who acknowledges the change ARA's or EDI team?
The change will be acknowledged by a 997; Sears would want to continue the trend of fill or kill for QR orders though, so no ship date changes should be received against a QR order.
Q: How will we receive test data for compliance testing? Will there be a testing schedule
Sears will not be doing live test data out of their ERP; testing will be conducted through a compliance portal provided by through a third party testing agency and can be completed in real time.
Q: How does the system handle customers requesting an earlier delivery date?
Sears will take into account your SOPT and lead times prior to providing a delivery date to the customer.
If you need help connecting to Sears, please connect with us and we will be happy to assist you with your Initium EDI.